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A Group Medical Practice & Adult Primary Care located in Lehigh Acres, Saint Petersburg, Cape Coral, Naples, Bonita Springs, Tampa and Fort Myers, FL

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Welcome to Galenus Group

With healthcare becoming more expensive, many residents of Lehigh Acres and throughout Southwest Florida are concerned about obtaining high quality medical services within a realistic budget. 

Galenus Group is a group medical practice founded to deliver outstanding care within an affordable cost structure, where the team of practitioners shares a passion for personalized care. They also take great pride in offering cutting-edge health services using state-of-the-art medical technology, from primary care to outpatient services.

Preventive care is a central focus, including comprehensive annual physical exams, laboratory services, and onsite blood draws. When health issues arise, acute care options through the medical clinic focus on diagnosing symptoms swiftly and putting patients on an immediate treatment track. 

Patients with one or more chronic health conditions, such as diabetes or hypertension, rely on chronic care management to improve their quality of life. With proper care and diligence, patients can even reduce their risk of negative outcomes related to chronic disease.  

The physicians, medical support staff, and administrative professionals at Galenus Group share a dedication to keeping members of their community as healthy and happy as possible. The practice motto, “Great physicians & quality care you can trust,” is exemplified through each and every patient interaction.

Galenus Group offers value-based payment structures designed to make high quality care accessible and affordable. 

The practice is a proud partner of Aetna Medicare and offers Medicare annual wellness exams and low or no deductibles or copayments in certain circumstances. Patients have access to telemedicine services in addition to a 24/7 nurse advice hotline.

Residents of Lehigh Acres and the rest of Southwest Florida can learn more about the benefits available through Galenus Group by booking an initial visit online or by phone.